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Why Mobile Marketing is Essential

Why Mobile Marketing is So Important – Brief Video Explains

Below are just a few of the many compelling reasons why mobile marketing is so important for your business as we move forward in the mobile world. The above whiteboard video nicely and briefly explained why having a well thought out and executed digital marketing strategy for your business is vitally essential. Let 2b1 Marketing develop a winning digital mobile strategy that will get the phones ringing, emails coming in! Lets take it to another level now!

  • Mobile has overtaken desktop as the go to medium
  • Mobile commerce is boss
  • People use their smartphones to research and make buying decisions
  • Billions of people have smartphones and the number is growing, fast
  • Direct interactive communication with your customers
  • High Response Rate through Push Notification technology
  • Location Aware marketing
  • Build Brand loyalty by sharing information easily
  • Market effectively and Cost Effectively

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